"Light My Fire!" 

Downloadable e-Book, $9.99

Are your personal vision, mission, and values aligned with your current job and organization?  Do you want to increase your satisfaction in your current job? Want to figure out how to tolerate your current situation while you build a longer-term transition plan?  Download Susan's free, e-book and identify ways to re-kindle your enthusiasm today.

Personal Career Development Programs:


Susan McGraw loves working with individuals to:  support them in building their confidence; enhancing their success in their current job; clarifying their vision for the future; building short and long-term career transition plans; crafting a resume capitalizing on their accomplishments and targeted to the specific type of job they would love; implementing effective networking and job search strategies; interviewing effectively; and negotiating to get want they want!


As a Career Coach, she has had the privilege of working with more than 7,000 individuals, entry level to key executives, in just about every type of industry. She has built Career Transition Centers in California, Iowa, and Michigan to support organizations and government agencies in providing exceptional career development programs to youth and adults, particularly those who have been impacted by workforce reductions and layoffs.  In addition, she built a Talent Gateway for the University of Michigan - Dearborn to support students and alumni in preparing for the changing world of work.


One client said: "This is fantastic! This process has been a great experience and has not only gotten my resume updated, but given me a clear focus on what I want and the environment where I will flourish. This resume will help employers understand my strengths and where I fit in their organization. The days of being put into the wrong role are behind me!"


Individual Coaching Services with Susan McGraw

Career Coaching Session  
1 hour meeting by phone, $99


Feeling stuck? Or....Dealing with a difficult situation at work? Or...Reeling from the emotional roller coaster ride of change? Or.....Unsure of what you want to do next or how to get there? 


Susan's unique gift is her ability to hone in quickly, with a laser-like focus, to help you identify your uniqueness, clarify your goals and vision for your future, and determine action steps that you can take to create a smooth transition to that future. 

Meet with Susan for 60 minutes by phone to discuss any job or career related topic that will help you move forward in a positive way! Get a fresh perspective and actions you can take TODAY!

 Interview & Negotiation Preparation Session 
1 hour meeting by phone, $99 


For interview coaching, Susan offers the following options to her clients:  1) One or more individual coaching sessions ($99/1 hour session) to address general interview preparation strategies, answers to typical and industry specific interview questions, and negotiation techniques to ensure that you get the salary and benefits that you desire.  To get the most value from this session, she encourages clients to purchase and review the downloadable 60-minute, video-based training, with the accompanying Quick Start Guide called, "Present the Real You! Nail the Interview & Negotiate Like a Pro!" (available below for $29).  You will then be familiar with the concepts and strategies so the coaching session(s) will be tailored to your specific upcoming interview situations. 

Resume Critique Session  
1 hour meeting by phone, $99


You may have a well-written resume, but still not get the job you want. In 60 minutes, Susan can review your current resume, discuss your goals and the desires you have for an ideal job, and give you specific, concrete suggestions on how YOU can revise your resume to attract and obtain the job you really want!  She is the queen of resume writing, having worked with over 7,000 clients, representing just about every industry and all levels of the organization, from entry level to key executives. So, she knows what employers want and how to get them to pay attention to you! 

Custom Resume Creation & Linked In Program  
Two 90 minute phone meetings, $499


Do you absolutely HATE writing or updating your resume? Do you find it difficult to capture what you have really accomplished in your career? Are you unsure how to write a resume that will get you the job you want? Do you have some unique circumstances that you are worried will be a barrier to making a smooth transition into a job you love? 

s forte is her ability to clearly articulate the accomplishments that you have achieved that truly reflect your uniqueness and writing a custom resume to target the type of job you DO want, rather than the one you DON'T want!   In the first meeting, you will review your goals, characteristics of your ideal position, and accomplishments.  Susan will then draft a resume, 100% based on your unique accomplishments.....no boiler plate templates or text.  During the second meeting, you will work together to edit and finalize the resume. The finished version is emailed to you.  

Sign up to have Susan work with you to create a kick ass resume, and start shamelessly promoting your accomplishments! 

Professional Online Branding Program
Web-Based E-Portfolio or Blog
Two 90-minute phone meetings, $499

Take your professional image to the next level by building your online "brand."  Work with Susan to create a web-based e-portfolio or blog to showcase yourself, your image, and your accomplishments.  Upload examples of your work, create links to highlight your professional online presence, and stand out from the crowd!

In two phone meetings, Susan will partner with you to create an online, web-based e-portfolio or blog and teach you how to easily update, edit, and maintain it yourself. 

Personalized Career Coaching Program
18 hours by phone or zoom, $999


If you are interested in a fully customized approach to achieve your job, career, business, leadership, or professional goals, Susan can work with you on an individual basis, tailoring the approach to meet your specific needs and schedule. Working together, we can design your own unique program, one which will be a perfect fit with your needs. 

You may choose to: 1) Explore your uniqueness and ideal work/lifestyle preferences; 2) Design a career transition plan to move from your current job to one more aligned with your authentic self; 3) Create a resume designed to attract your ideal job or career; 4) Build a plan to transition into self employment; 5) Identify strategies to cope with a hostile work environment or a bullying situation; 6) Enhance your leadership effectiveness by understanding how the style preferences of you and your team influence your success; OR...7) Address specific challenges you face in your professional life at this time. 

Your personalized program will include 18 hours of coaching time, via telephone/webcam, over a 3 month period (12 weeks). Coaching sessions average 1 to 1.5 hours/each week. When you purchase the program, you will be asked to schedule 12 weekly 1.5 hour sessions. However, in your first session, we can adjust the schedule, if necessary, to meet your specific needs.

Immediate Access, Downloadable Career Development Training Programs:

"Light My Fire!" 

Downloadable e-Book, $9.99

Special Savings...Now only $2.99!

Are your personal vision, mission, and values aligned with your current job and organization?  Do you want to increase your satisfaction in your current job? Want to figure out how to tolerate your current situation while you build a longer-term transition plan?  Download the e-book and identify ways to re-kindle your enthusiasm today.

"Direct Your Future:  Manage the Roller Coaster Ride of Change"
Step 1 of the "6 Steps to a Job You Love!"

Instant Access, Downloadable 60-Minute Training, $29 


In this webinar, you will learn some effective strategies to shift your perspective on your current situation, manage your emotional reactions to job, career, or life changes, and feel empowered to take charge of your future!

"Design Your Future: Create a Career Plan to Guarantee Smooth Transitions"
Step 2 of the "6 Steps to a Job You Love!" 

Instant Access, 60-Minute Training, $29

Unhappy with your current job or career situation, but not sure what you want to do? Or....do you know what you want to do, but are unsure how to get there?  This webinar will provide you with an amazingly easy way to create a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be! 

"What's Hot? Identify the Latest Trends"
Step 3 of the "6 Steps to a Job You Love!" 

Instant Access, 60-Minute Training, $29

In this webinar, Susan will show you the shortcuts to save yourself time and energy AND locate exactly the type of information that you can use to identify and evaluate the current and future trends in your field or in a field of interest to you!

"Shameless Self-Promotion:  Use Your Resume to Land the Job of Your Dreams"
Step 4 of the "6 Steps to a Job You Love!" 

Instant Access, 60-Minute Training, $29

Learn the strategies the experts use to create a resume that is targeted to the type of job that matches your unique strengths, interests, skills, and expertise. 

"Uncover Opportunities You Might Love!"
Step 5 of the "6 Steps to a Job You Love!" 

Instant Access, 60-Minute Training, $29

In this webinar, Susan will share with you her powerful, yet easy to use, strategies to target opportunities in the job market that are so uniquely suited to you that you eliminate the competition! 

"Present the Real You:  Nail the Interview & Negotiate Like a Pro!"
Step 6 of the "6 Steps to a Job You Love!" 

Instant Access, 60-Minute Training, $29

In this webinar, Susan will give you everything you need to shamelessly self-promote in person, land the job, and get the salary and benefits you want!