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Susan McGraw Consulting specializes in career and organizational development, employee training, and strategic planning.  Susan McGraw, the founder of the organization, is joined by a group of associates who work collaboratively to design and implement innovative projects for the clients they serve.  


For more than 25 years, we have supported individuals, organizations, and communities to proactively manage change, enhance performance, and design plans to achieve extraordinary success.


Career & Executive Coaching:

As a Career & Executive Coach, Susan has had the privilege of working with more than 7,000 individuals, entry level to key executives, in just about every type of industry. She has supported clients through the entire career development process including career exploration, transition planning, resume development, job search strategies, interviewing skills, and negotiating techniques.   

She has built Career Transition Centers in California, Iowa, and Michigan to support organizations and governments in providing exceptional career services to the youth and adults they serve.  In addition, she built a Talent Gateway for the students and alumni at the University of Michigan - Dearborn to provide on campus and online programs to support participants in preparing for the changing world of work.


Organizational Development:


Our team of associates partners with individuals, teams, organizations, and communities who are fast-paced, progressive, enthusiastic, creative, receptive to change, and ready to enhance synergy and create exceptional results.  Our passion is working with organizations who are committed to making a positive difference for the customers they serve.  


We have worked with organizations as small as one and as large as Fortune 500 corporations, in industries as diverse as government, education, healthcare, community-based non-profits, technology, aerospace, utilities, and consumer products.


Our primary area of specialization has been working with local governments and community-based organizations to enhance service delivery to those they serve and make the world a better place!


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